domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Great Jecsan Book

 Great Jecsan Book 
(limited edition)

One of the many fotos of the book.
Scene of The Pharaoh and his troops in front of the Effigy. (Soldiers by Jecsan)

438 pages full of information on this unique toy home with countless pictures of all the figures and scenes set of themes, original catalogs and much more documentation.
The book is printed in A4 format on high quality paper and bound by hand with glasofonadas caps.
Thus, this book becomes a valuable teaching tool and reference historic collector's figures and toys in general.
Those who are interested in purchasing the book, can apply by emailing the following address:

Then receive another email confirming the booking and the instructions for the acquisition.

The book price is 100 Euros plus shipping which will be 10 Euros for shipping to Spain, and 30 Euros for shipping to the rest of Europe.
(Paypal Payments to add a 5% cost to the price of the book-105Euros-)

New orders will be treated in strict order of receipt of order to exhaust the issue.

The book will be sent immediately when you have completed all steps of the acquisition.

I hope it's entirely to your liking.

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